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Learn and Experience the Amazing health and Pranic Womanhood Secrets of Camila

15+ Step-by-step Powerful Videos

Camila’s 8 Years of Experience

Never before seen footage of Camila


Available Now

What You Get With the 4 Week Pranic Woman Online Video Course:

>Step-by-step Pranic Woman Video Course taught by Camila*

>> Life Time Access to learn and experience the benefits of the program at a pace that works for you.

>> Available on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop computers). Access the training anywhere!

>> Exclusive access to private Pranic Woman Facebook Group where you can share questions, insights and build with community with like-minded people from around the world.



The Breath can be accessed from anywhere – it exists within and around you, in every moment of every day. We can feel, and become entrained with, the profound benefits of the Air and the Pranic Energy that it carries – in an everlasting relationship with this basic mechanism of our bodies. We put this to use intrinsically through our senses, and by learning to hear, read, and see it in action. It is transmitted kinesthetically via the pathways that open through our senses and the ability to align with the natural rhythm of our Breathing Cycle. Because this Program is about empowerment and learning to master our innate self-healing capacities, today’s media-rich environment is the perfect place to live The 4 Week Pranic Woman Program. For years, Camila has been sharing The Pranic Woman Program internationally, through both in-person and virtual settings. Women and families in over 20 countries have integrated these teachings in their lives, and thanks to today’s digital technology, there are no limits to the way we can interact and bond with one another! Take time every day toward your own life progress and healing.

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  • The Conscious Breath
  • Feminine Pranic-Light Body activation
  • Pranic Yoga
  • Awakening Your Divine Sensual Nature 
  • Womb Breath and Toning
  • Karmic Healing
  • Creative Empowerment
  • Naturally Rejuvenate and Extend your life 
  • Light Nourishment
  • Integral Human and Spiritual Beauty
  • Live in Self-Sustaining States of Wellnes

 Heal your past to live a joyful present and secure a fantastic future ~ empower yourself in bliss and freedom beyond what you’ve known to be possible, as you break through your limitations and center yourself in your authentic and limitless nature*

*Consciousness, Breath, Prana, Yoga, Womb Wisdom, Feminine Intelligence, Manifestation, Empowerment, Spirituality, Integral Health*

“The female body is Beautiful and Intelligent, and as we unlock the keys to our feminine Light Body we experience the exciting and everlasting connection with a new Source of Energy, capable of miraculous healing, nourishment, and illumination of life.” ~ Camila*

Pranic Woman* is for women of all ages and experiences. It is a deeply Healing, Nurturing, Balancing, and Empowering opportunity to Embody the Best of Ourselves and Integrate Pranic Consciousness Wisdom into Humanity.

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