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The 4 Week Pranic Woman Online Video Course

The 4 Week Pranic Woman Online Video Course is an everlasting evolutionary process, and I’m honored to have the opportunity to share these teachings with the women of the world. The Program contains the most refined information about Living on Light, designed specifically for women, working intelligently with our integral body – physical (within all the body’s systems), mental, emotional, and spiritual to deliver results beyond our imagination. Healing is the first step, and beyond that, we are able to truly develop through self-empowerment into the best version of ourselves. Go through the content below to get familiar with and prepare yourself for the 4 Week Pranic Woman Program.

Live record lecture with Camila* from The Pranic Festival, California 2015. This is an information packed video, full of personal accounts of my diverse experiences as a Pranic Breatharian woman and mother. Here you can get to know me better, as I guide you into the Pranic Woman Program.

The Pranic Woman Program was originally designed to be a 4 week program – however, because life can be so busy and responsibilities are many, I felt that more women would be able to access the live program if it were offered over 4 days. This video is an introduction to the teachings that comprised the 4 Day Pranic Woman Program – and that are now integrated into the 4 Week PWP* Profound and gentle – here you have an introduction to what we explore in the Pranic Woman Online Video Course.

What do you get with the 4 Week Pranic Woman Online Video Course?


~ 15+ videos, that can be watched on any device, of Breathing Sessions, Womb Yoga, Affirmations, and Consciousness Building Exercises

~ Special diet for Living on Light that works in gentle waves throughout the 4 Weeks

~ Exclusive lifetime membership with all content available 24/7 – login anytime, anywhere!

~ Private Facebook Support Group for sharing insights and questions in total confidence with a global community of Pranic Women

COMING SOON – MP3 of all Pranic Woman Breathing Sessions to listen to on the go!

The Pranic Woman Online Video Course is to shift consciousness into a state that is truly and authentically yours; to clear your informational network and be the carrier of your own, most unique and powerful information; to embody the “Breatharian” Living on Light Consciousness because you’re able to decipher your desires from your necessities, you understand your true source of nourishment and trust in it, you connect so completely with the breath that you feel it’s purifying presence in every moment of your life, and you embrace this consciousness of non-necessity unapologetically. As Pranic Women we are redefining the constructs of this terms, bringing in more freedom, more love, more joy, more nature and showing that it is a state of pure freedom, not limitations.



The Breath can be accessed from anywhere – it exists within and around us, in every moment of every day. We can feel, and become entrained with, the profound benefits of the Air and the Pranic Energy that it carries – in an everlasting relationship with this basic mechanism of our bodies. We put this to use intrinsically through our senses, and by learning to feel, hear, read, and see it in action. It is transmitted kinesthetically via the pathways that open through our senses and the ability to align with the natural rhythm of our Breathing Cycle. Because this Program is empowerment and of learning to master our innate self-healing capacities, today’s media-rich environment is the perfect place to live The 4 Week Pranic Woman Program. For years, I have been sharing The Pranic Woman Program internationally, through both in-person and virtual settings. Women and families in over 20 countries have integrated these teachings into their lives, and thanks to today’s digital technology, there are no limits to the way we can interact and bond with one another! Take time every day toward your own life progress and healing.

By creating the Pranic Woman Program Online Video Course, you have the opportunity to change your life from the comfort of your home, at your pace. Although it isn’t necessary, you can repeat the Program as many times as you like, because you will have life time access to the constantly updated course content. While the Online Pranic Woman Program is an intimate and dynamic e-Learning experience with Camila, it also lets you work at your own pace as you integrate the information and heal your life in the process, opening up new possibilities to interact with the material in your personal life and with an international online support group of women sharing this evolutionary experience. The digital-social interface we’re creating will allow for in-depth discussion forums, Q&A, learning and integrating at a comfortable pace, and all with the convenience of being able to access your lessons from your computer.

The Online 4 Week Pranic Woman Program is a four-part customized program that will introduce you to the Conscious Breath, Womb Wellness, Pranic Nourishment, the Divine Feminine, Generational Healing and the space of infinite possibilities that you step into upon becoming the conscious creator of your life – a new and evolved level of health, balance and human potential that is graceful, practical, and profound. Unique in its content, the Online 4 Week Pranic Woman Program is perfect for women in any age and stage of life – you will discover how to immediately access new frequencies of healing and reprogramming, creating a template of health and happiness in body, mind, emotions, and soul.


 Together we will cover topics including:

  • The Conscious Breath
  • Feminine Pranic-Light Body activation
  • Womb Yoga
  • Awakening Your Divine Sensual Nature 
  • Womb Breath and Toning
  • Karmic Healing
  • Creative Empowerment
  • Naturally Rejuvenate and Extend your life 
  • Light Nourishment
  • Integral Human and Spiritual Beauty
  • Live in Self-Sustaining States of Wellnes

Read about the amazing benefits other women have been experiencing as a result of the Pranic Woman Online Video Course:

“This program is amazing! I love its simplicity and immense power! I love your guidance, your voice, and your beauty. Everyday I rejoice in the changes I notice in my being, discovering more ease, more space in my body, clarity in my thoughts and more stable emotions…it’s so good!” – Laure

“The PWP Online Video Course has changed my life profoundly. Though the practices presented are easy and enjoyable, they have proven to be profoundly transformative and healing – for my mind, body, emotions and soul as well as for my life. The changes induced have been reflected in sudden unexpected improvements of my relationships: I began to experience healings of difficult connections to relatives as well as a deepening of love and compassion in my relations with my spouse and other loved ones. Maybe the biggest gift this course has brought me is my newly-found freedom from being emotionally over-attached to people and outer circumstances, as well as food; I have found my own fountain of well-being that nourishes me on all levels. I am deeply grateful for the gift of this material and warmly recommend it to everyone serious about their health and happiness.” – Alexandra D.

“After the PWP I was a different woman!! I am more authentic and aligned with my true essence, calmer, present, inspired, lighter and grounded! I was healed from the roots of my being and my body was rebalanced, purified and recalibrated. I have done medical exams straight after this process and all my blood tests came out very good as well and my ultrasound scan –  all normal and very good! In a world where there is still a great deal of abuse towards ourselves, others and the planet I think this work is not just beautiful, but fundamental, for the co-creation of a loving life for all of us and for the generations yet to come. Camila offers true empowerment, healing, wisdom, and lucidity gracefully holding the space with such unconditional love.” – Vanessa L.”


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Camila Castillo

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