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Camila Castillo

Being a Woman and Mother, living as a Pranic Breatharian for the past 8 years while sharing worldwide, I see the Pranic Consciousness from the perspective of the Universal Woman. For this reason, my path has led me to focus on Pranic Womanhood ~ the female body is the seed of our next generations and the beginning of a new humanity. My intention is to teach and share with women of the world the capacity to live on light, so that they, their children, and next generations of this planet can be born from a state of freedom and connection with the Source Energy. Together we can explore human refinement through our natural capacity to purify and illuminate the feminine energy field and reprogram the information of the Reproductive System, which holds the memories of our human family lineage, and the key to unleashing the Divine and Beautiful wisdom within each Woman and Being.

In this website I will share the Programs, Sessions, Meditations, Breathing techniques, and Exercises that have empowered me in my personal experience and journey of enlightenment, with myself – my Grandmother, Mother, and Children – and with my work with thousands of women around the world.

See me in the trailer of the new documentary “Living Off Energy, We Are Energy”

“Camila Castillo is a mother, artist and dancer, and has been food-free for 7 years.

For Camila, becoming a breatharian was a natural process and she believes that Humanity will benefit
greatly from this lifestyle.” ~
Supreme Master TV

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Aired on 3 Jan 2010(in Spanish)

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