Pranic Woman Program with Camila Castillo | Testimonials
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“Camila is simply beautiful – a gifted teacher with so much wisdom and integrity.  I love her dearly for what she has shown me. She has lead me so gently, with real assurance.” – Anya, UK

After a very stressful year, my body called for attention and my reproductive system was affected as well as my emotional wellbeing. I felt very far away from my soul … My body wasn’t the same … I clearly felt it. Working with Camila and her Womb wisdom helped me to tap into, understand, dissolve, and transform experiences memories and emotional traumas that I accumulated within my system. After the 4 days I was a different woman!! I feel I am more authentic and aligned with my true essence, I’m calmer, present, inspired, lighter and grounded! I was healed from the roots of my being and my body was re- balanced, purified and recalibrated. I had medical exams done straight after this process and all my blood tests were very good, as was my ultra sound ☺ all normal and very good! I have been working in the healing field for many years and I can surely say I haven’t seen anything as unique transformative and effective as this process.  In a world where there is still a great deal of abuse towards ourselves, others and the planet I think this work is not just beautiful, but fundamental, for the co-creation of a loving life for all of us and for the generations yet to come ~ Camila offers true empowerment, healing, wisdom, and lucidity gracefully, holding the space with such unconditional love. I am so grateful for this gift Camila is sharing with all of us☺With all my heart, Thank you.”

~Vanessa Lobo, UK

“Thank you so much dear Camila for all the beautiful moments, for the way how you have guided us and the powerful connections you created for us on our journey to connect to the pranic consciousness and to become a pranic women. Impossible became possible for me. I am feeling blessed, connected and stronger as a woman. Thank you for your wonderful example.” ~Rena, Slovakia

“Having a powerful method for releasing and reprogramming trauma
that remained, a practice to help me connect to and be energised by the
Pranic energy, affirmations that so powerfully keep me anchored in my true identity and a great Pranic exercise routine that I will realistically do, is all so perfect for me to utilise right now. It was also an unexpected and much appreciated gift to experience being mothered in that way! My Mum was not very available for herself and therefore me so I had never experienced such great guidance, support and trust from another woman. Because of how it made me feel, it not only empowered me but really heightened my awareness of the power and
purpose I have as a mother and strengthened my focus to be all those
things always for my children.” ~Steph, UK

“This Huge process has started to link me to eternal real vibration. I am thankful and in gratitud; slowly trying to match my life to this new state/ way of being, that is pushing me to embrace my fears and limitations. Gently pushing me to LOVE. I am Sacred, and in this I trust….How couldn´t I trust? I AM BREATHING, I AM BEING BREATHED all the time…and this is not my small will, this is HER will…The Pranic Woman Will that lives vibrantly in me, and in all that exists…” ~Cecilia, Argentina

“Infinite gratitude for your REAL MASTERY Camila! And for living your true purpose! I feel SO HONORED to be one of the few blessed woman of the world that received your gift of invaluable information in this sacred course! So so so Precious! Far beyond words!!! Love you so much!” ~Anna Isidora, Netherlands

“Thank you so much Camila, for the beautiful reflection of clarity, simplicity, beauty, strength , compassion, power and wisdom that you are. May every branch of this sisterhood tree grow strong and expand, creating new flowers , new possibilities, new fruits for each and all of us! Thank you for this gift of rejuvenation, alignment purification and rebirth. Thank you for helping me to grow in my confidence, that I must be who I am and that is perfect and that this light, this love, is always with me, no matter what and will never fail!
Thank you sharing these tools for us to utilize whenever we feel … the imprint is with us forever. Thank you for the gift of the innocence … a golden key … a precious jewel of this play of creation.” ~Vanessa, UK

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